50/50 Child Access

While many issues in divorce law and the divorce process are subject to impassioned debate, there probably isn’t a more contentious one than that of child custody. For many divorcing couples, this is the CORE issue that launches them into litigation, and leaves them shaken and even traumatized long after the divorce is finalized.

Right now, an aspect of this issue that is capturing a great deal of attention – both positive and negative – is that 50/50 custody between both parents should be the starting point in a divorce settlement, and only adjusted by the courts based on unique circumstances such as work schedule, domestic abuse, health issues, and so on.

At DivorceMagazine.com, we’ve asked our readers whether they supported or rejected this 50/50 approach. Here’s what we’ve discovered so far:

•    65% of women support this idea (35% don’t)
•    87% of men support this idea (13% don’t)
•    Overall 74% support the idea (26% don’t)

Any way you look at the results – women only, men only, or both – the message, so far, is clear: the majority of people like the idea.

Now we’d like to know what you think. Do you support 50/50 custody as a starting point in law? Are you against it? Either way, please share your opinion and tell us why.

Or are you ambivalent about this and think that there’s a better idea out there that is being overlooked? Please share that with us, too.

If you’d like to vote on our poll or see the results, please click here.

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