A New Year and a Fresh Start: Getting Divorced and Starting Anew

The holidays are always a stressful time. Shopping malls become war zones, extended family members become nightmares, and credit card bills are through the roof. It is no wonder that the end of December seems to be the breaking point for a lot of couples – so much so that divorce and family lawyers often […]

Latest Issue of Divorce Magazine is Here!

Divorce Magazine’s winter/spring 2012 edition features an important and timely look at how individuals going through divorce can transform their negative thoughts into positive insight, and use that new awareness to make wise and compassionate decisions during divorce. I believe positive attitude, emotional well-being and mental clarity are three keys to making the right decisions during […]

New Rules for Ontario Divorce Start Today

As of today, the Ontario (Canada) Government is rolling out an initiative that requires spouses to attend a mandatory information session prior to filing for divorce. The plan to roll out these new divorce rules in Ontario was announced in December 2010 after the idea was tested in Milton and Brampton, Ontario. The session is […]

Taking the high road – Bronfman’s divorce party; Arnold Schwarzwenegger and Maria Shriver’s separation

A common complaint spouses have over their divorce is about lack of control. Indeed, divorce has its own procedures, protocols, customs and laws – and many of them a total mystery to the average person until they come face-to-face with the reality of divorce. It’s common to hear people say things like “I can’t believe […]

5 Valentine’s Day Survival Tips for Divorced People

Some divorced people can find the hoopla surrounding Valentine’s Day to be a painful and isolating experience. I wanted to offers 5 Valentine’s Day survival tips to transform a dreaded event into a day to embrace. Marketing-inspired images of lovers exchanging heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, advertisements that invite couples to escape for a romantic getaway for […]

Free Divorce Teleseminar – Tues., Jan. 11 – 4 Financial Secrets You Must Know.

I will be hosting this Teleseminar for people who are going through divorce. Please join us. Guest speaker: Sharon Numerow, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Divorce Mediator Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 Time: 8 pm to 8:30 EST Cost: $0 There are so many questions that you may have with respect to the finances of […]

We’ve launched our free TeleSeminars for divorcing people – attend the first one with Judge Lowrance on Dec 7

Searching for quality, timely and highly relevant information during divorce is essential. For most people, getting the right information at the right time is the difference between a “good” divorce, and one full of pain, conflict, stress and needless costs. And that’s why we’re delighted to introduce a NEW service to educate and empower divorcing […]

The latest issue of Divorce Magazine features “Good Karma Divorce”

Divorce Magazine’s Summer/Fall 2010 issue has just been made available. This issue offers: invaluable tips on how to experience a “good karma” divorce, which saves time, money and stress a financial health check-up quiz an overview on the debate of 50/50 child access FAQs from divorce professionals divorce news and views and an exclusive interview […]

Is social media responsible for some divorces?

Technologically speaking, this era in our history is probably going to be known as the “social media age,” when hundreds of millions of people — from pre-teens to senior citizens – were pulled into a very innovative kind of communication and information-sharing experience. However, as gloriously as future historians may refer to this time, there’s […]

6 Tips for Noncustodial Dads on How to Have a Great Father’s Day

For a number of years, Father’s Day was a more challenging time for me than any other time of year. My ex informed me that she wanted a divorce on Father’s Day 16 years ago. My kids were 5 and 10 at the time. To say it was tough for all of us to deal […]