Parental Disagreements About Childhood Vaccinations

Youth vaccinations are in the news again. A health study by the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that oral cancers are on the increase which HPV, a sexually transmitted disease is to blame. Experts have actually recommended that HPV is at the root of up to 95 % of non – tobacco related oral cancer. […]

Rights (Lack of Rights) of California Same Sex Couples… DOMA

The concern of whether marital relationship rights must be given equally to everybody is, inexplicably, an on-going debate around the country. Complicating the conversation is the fact laws are applied differently from state to state, which federal and state law problem at numerous points. As of the writing of this post, lesbian and gay couples […]

Legal Separation in California

What do you do when your marriage is falling apart but the concept of divorce is unacceptable? The answer might be “legal separation.” Divorce isn’t really for everyone; often for spiritual or other personal reasons, a couple will prefer a legal separation as an option to a separation. A legal separation is similar like a […]

Attorney Fees and California Divorces

Legal costs are expensive – there is no way around that fact. The language in the California Family Code attempts to guarantee that everyone has access to legal representation throughout his or her separation. An indigent party could apply for pro-bono or reduced-fee legal services, and for a waiver of court fees. Needs-based legal assistance […]

Do California Courts Favor Mothers When It Comes to Custody?

Most parents in California are still under the impression that in a disagreement “Mother gets the children,” and that Dad gets “some visitation.” In reality, the California courts have altered the custody objectives lately to rebut this old stereotype. When it comes to custody matters, the goal of the courts – as prescribed in California Family […]

Why California Spousal Support?

Working with divorce every day, I am very familiar with the financial struggles that couples face at the end of marital relationships. None of these issues are strawberries and ice cream, however the one location that triggers more heads to explode than others is without a question, the area of spousal support. Spousal support (additionally […]

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?

The short response is of course, but with some really strong limitations. Familys these days are diverse – kids, parents, stepparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents are all part of the mix. In lots of cases, grandparents play a substantial role in the daily functioning of a healthy family, and can have a tremendous influence […]

The Union of Prenups and Estate Planning

Numerous people fear that drafting a prenup implies that they are admitting their marriage will end before it has actually even started. The reality is (and please forgive me being a trifle morbid right here) that all marital relationships end– if not in divorce, then in death. For this reason, the California state legislature (and […]

LGBT Couples and Avoiding Domestic Partnership Headaches

Is entering a California “registered domestic partnership” the right move for you and your partner? A growing number of gay and lesbian couples are finding that the law relating to their relationship is confusing, and possibly very expensive. Numerous couples who have actually been together for years, and who registered as domestic partners, are surprised […]

Mediation and Divorce

“Boy, they could really use an attorney,” the woman at the cocktail party just recently told one of us, “but they firmly insist on doing it themselves. It’s simply a mess!”. It isn’t really hard to understand why, in the face an unknown and confusing divorce process, they would pick not to see a lawyer. […]