Effects of Divorce on School Aged Children

The big glass framed entrance door of the elementary school was the pre-arranged spot where father and his 6-year old son were to meet and leave for their lunch date. The anticipation of this encounter was noticeable on the smiling face of the grade one student, beaming with anticipation. As the lunch break drew to […]

Welcome to the 21st Century of Divorce

Welcome to the 21st century; where you can find love online and then serve them with divorce papers in the same manner. For those that have not logged on, a New York judge has said that the social media site, Facebook, is an acceptable way for a Brooklyn woman to serve her husband with divorce papers. […]

Divorce and Its Economic Impact on Corporations

Stats we should not ignore: One in three marriages end in Divorce Almost 40% of North American children will grow up in a single family home The amount of unpaid Child Support in Canada totals more than 2.5 billion 1.2 million annual US divorces cost taxpayers an estimated 30 billion in federal and state expenditures […]

Divorce Affects Everyone’s Bottom Line

One in three marriages end in Divorce!  Divorce leaves scares; families are torn apart as couples fight over their assets and their children.  For those lucky enough to not have experienced the big “D” they look at these families sympathetically, thanking their lucky stars that it is not them.   What they do not realize, is […]

Divorce Mediation and What to Expect

Mediation by Definition is the attempt to bring about a peaceful resolution whereby the parties volunteer and use a neutral party to facilitate. Mediation is chosen by divorcing couples who are either motivated to avoid the pitfalls and the emotional and financial costs of the traditional legal/lawyer driven system or who simply want to arrive […]

Divorce is Here to Stay

We need to wake up and smell the coffee – divorce is here to stay…and we need to deal with it better. I am not really sure how we created this mess in the first place.  Well perhaps I am sure but that would be a lengthy dissertation on the last 30 years in the […]

Does a good Sex Life prevent divorce?

The answer is YES!!! Oprah said on one of her recent radio shows that there is a correlation between the length and regularity of the kiss (10 seconds per day) and your chances of getting a divorce.  Well I am here to tell you she is right. I have dealt with thousands of couples that […]

How to Tell Children About Divorce

Without question, the most important thing in divorce is to ensure that you minimize the carnage.  This refers not only to our financial assets or our emotional wellbeing, but most of all helping children cope with divorce.  So many couples struggle to find the right words and time to inform their children of their decision […]

Filing For Divorce: What’s Involved – And Why Does it Get Complicated?

Understanding The Divorce Process For those who have made the difficult decision to get a divorce, the next question is often, “how do I file for divorce?” Getting divorced (in most cases) is about both the Final Settlement Agreement and the Divorce Decree.  Many people do not realize the difference, but it’s important to understand […]

How to Ask for a Divorce

As discussed in our previous blog post, divorce is a sad reality, though sometimes the alternatives have become less and less realistic. For those who have carefully and thoughtfully considered their situation and come to the decision that it is time to ask for a divorce, the first challenge they face will be figuring out […]