When is Divorce the Best Option?

Lets face it – divorce is never the best option but sometimes the alternative just does not seem palatable. I see too many people throw in the towel too soon, especially when children are involved, yet when a marriage is falling apart it is hard to know when it is the right time to start […]

New Family Law Act in BC– Leads the Pack in Canada

The fact that Bill 16, Family Law Act has been passed is a sign that the traditional system needed reform. The new act addresses some of the fundamental problems in the system and we look optimistically to the impact it has on children and families in general.  I do not think anyone can argue or […]

Mediation vs. Litigation – A common sense trend to Resolving Matrimonial Issues

Finding yourself on the doorsteps of divorce is hard enough emotionally but add the multitude of decisions that are going to have to be made and it can feel completely overwhelming. While there are only two main areas for decision-making; kids and money, coming to resolution can take years and use up a lot of […]

No Nonsense Divorce Tips for Men

Divorce does not need to define you but how you choice to move through it can. The old antage – Fail to plan – plan to fail is rite with wisdom.  While finding yourself on the door steps of divorce may not have been your plan – you can start taking charge. Set the course […]

You Just Don’t Do It For Me Anymore!

Those were the harsh words I heard 10 years ago just before 9/11. Sept 11 marks the day the towers came down and with that the chaos and pain that followed.  For me it marks not only the global nightmare but also the time that my personal walls came crashing down.  After 8 years of […]

Friends After Divorce – Possible? Recommended?

Most will agree that being friends after a relationship is difficult as the question of ulterior motive and resentment can hover in the clouds.  If friendship is in the cards it requires clear boundaries, a very understanding new partner and an ability of both parties to take responsibility and be accountable to the outcome of […]

Balancing Back to School Budget

Balance Needs VS Wants There is a ton of pier pressure around back to school clothing and supplies.  Make a list of their “needs” and agree that the children will get one or two of their “wants” met and then allocate a set dollar amount that they are free to spend. Set Budget in Advance […]

How to Reduce Back to School Stress While Co-Parenting

Agreeing on Priorities Early On is Essential Back to school is a busy time of year for any family, but for those also trying to juggle the challenges of co-parenting it can be even more exhausting and stressful. Balancing the needs and wants of kids while also dealing with trying to accommodate the different value […]

Prenups – I do or I don’t?

I have been involved with helping clients put together prenups and while I agree that some form of pre marriage agreement is prudent if there are a lot of assets, we have gone overboard. The biggest problem is that prenups simply do not lay the foundation for a partnership. Take for example two people that […]

Are we glamorizing divorce for the next generation?

Marriages end in Divorce on average close to 50%.  While it is impossible to accurately determine  what the stats are in all the  separate States, it seems that where there is more celebrity and wealth – there are more divorces and so perhaps setting a bit more of the  tone for “Divorce”.   Do we […]