Beating the Single-Mom/Step-Mom Mother’s Day Blues

If you’re going through separation or divorce, you may be dreading Mother’s Day this year. Family-centered holidays – like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day – can intensify feelings of sadness, inadequacy, and loss. For newly separated and divorced people, these holidays can really emphasize how much the family unit has changed. If your family had Mother’s […]

You can download Divorce Magazine for free on

After having published Divorce Magzine for the past 17 years, we decided to give it away free online for every one to read it. The most current issue of Divorce Magazine is available for free downoad on our website Just click here:, and choose the province or state you are in and you will […]

Family Lawyer had an affair with client and billed her for it

Minnesota family lawyer suspended for 15 months On January 10, this year, family lawyer Thomas Lowe had his license to practice revoked for 15 months by the Minnesota Supreme Court. He had an affair with his client and even billed her for it. When his wife found out, he ended the personal and professional relationship. Did Minnesota […]

Being Thankful While Going Through Divorce

Fall is here, and that means shorter days, cooler nights, and an array of seasonal events that remind us to “be thankful.” Yet, for many people who have gone through a divorce or are going through the process, finding reasons to be thankful and feeling grateful can be difficult. I empathize with everyone who, because […]

Why would we not have/use spousal support guidelines?

I read an article on spousal support calculations on CBC’s website that says “National guidelines on how much support money should be paid to a spouse when a marriage fails have been readily adopted in British Columbia and Ontario, but other provinces have been slow to apply them, says a new study. Quebec, in particular, has shown […]

Humphries asks Kardashian for $7 million to divorce / Our legal system is flawed

Have we lost our minds?

Is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce a surprise?

Is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce a surprise?

Spousal Support: ‘Till Death Do us Part?

The issue of spousal support – and whether it should be permanent, linked to the length of a marriage, or linked to the financial capacity of the paying spouse – was recently raised by the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled that settlements should typically remain settled (i.e. unchanging) unless a spouse can prove a […]

Divorce Lawyers’ Occupational Hazard — Arizona Killing Spree Fuelled by Bitter Divorce

As the month of June comes to a close, I can’t help but think of the horrifying shooting spree of June 2 in Yuma, Arizona that saw six people murdered by a 73-year old gunman, Dyess, who later took his own life. Apparently, the shooting spree was fuelled by a “divorce gone bad.” According to Yuma Police Chief the killing […]

When lovers turn into schemers – the worst facebook divorce story yet

I read in the news today (The Globe & Mail) about this divorcing couple using facebook to oneup each other and ended up in court. The wife faked a facebook name (Jessica) to befriend the husband, the  ex-to-be. The husband revealed his plan to kill the wife to Jessica. She went to the police.  In the end, he was […]