CBC to Air “Thoroughly Modern Marriage” Documentary

Does Marriage Still Matter? On Thursday January 20 at 9PM in Canada (9:30PM in NFLD), the CBC is airing the documentary Thoroughly Modern Marriage. Through interviews and discussions with couples, neurologists, sociologists and historians from across Canada, the documentary asks the fundamental questions: does marriage still matter? Is it “broken”? And if so, can and […]

A bad week for celebrity divorces

I have been very busy with putting together the next issue of Divorce Magazine. Still, I can’t help but notice how many celebrity couples split up in the last week because we write about them on divorcemagazine.com. Among them are Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, “Nip & Tuck“ star Dylan Walsh and Joanna Going, Vanessa Hudgens and […]

Applauding Tiger Woods and Elin Woods

Too often, we hear of celebrity divorces that don’t go well. (Mel Gisbson, Paul McCartney etc.) This is not because of the reson for the divorce (such as infidelity or domestic violence) but more because of the way the celebrities handle the situation. Sometimes, both of them or their lawyers are in the media talking at each […]

Judge orders mother who wants to move out of town to use Skype so her kids can “see” and talk to their father.

Are you someone who embraces new features available online, such as Skype – the free technology that allows you to talk and see someone over the internet via video? If you are a divorced parent and your child does not live with you, you may want to consider using Skype. This will allow you to […]

Have you ever been unfaithful to your partner?

It’s not often that we ask such a question of our spouse, friends or family members. But I have often been curious about how many people have been unfaithful to their partners. I also wanted to know if there is a difference with the infidelity rate between men and women. So, I decided to post this as an […]

Woman who had an affair sues cell phone company for causing her divorce.

Today, a friend told me about this news of a 37 year old Toronto woman who is suing Rogers Communications , a large telecommunication company in Canada, for causing her divorce and losing her job. According to a TV interview with this woman by CTV, this woman admitted she had a short affair but claimed that Roger’s billing […]

Happy Step-Mother’s Day Cards

I still remember the first mother’s day experience I had with the younger of my 2 step children. He was about 7. It was just a couple of days before mother’s day. His school teacher had his class make up mother’s day cards. He came home and showed me a card he made, and said […]

How come the ex is always bad and wrong?

I’ve read a lot of discussions posted on the Forum on DivorceMagazine.com, on facebook, and blogs by people going through divorce. A vast majority of them complain about their ex, about how bad and wrong they are before during and after the divorce or separation. The complaints range from how the ex didn’t treat them […]

Sandra Bullock’s relationship trouble brings up the rights of step mothers

America’s sweetheart and Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock reportedly is having marriage trouble because of her husband Jesse James’ admission of infidelity.  I am sure this story will be covered widely for many more weeks to come. What is interesting to me is her rights to her step children, if we assume that she wants […]

Sanford Divorce Trial Televised?

I see that the governor Mark Sandford’s wife’s court appearance was televised.  I wondered if there was a choice for it not to be televised.  I then remind myself that they do not have to appear in court. This can be done behind the scene. There is an option for all of us to file for […]