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A Conversation between Joe Sorge and Mark Baer Regarding ‘Divorce Corp.’: Part 2 of a Series

This is the second of a series of articles wherein I share a conversation I had with the executive producer and director of “Divorce Corp.” wherein we discussed the 58 reasons why I was unable to endorse the film.  Since my last article covered points 1 through 5, I will start this article with my […]

A Conversation between Joe Sorge and Mark Baer Regarding ‘Divorce Corp.’: Part 1 of a Series

As I mentioned in my last article titled “The Hidden Agenda Behind the Making of ‘Divorce Corp.,’” as a condition for watching the movie prior to its release, I agreed to “keep the specific contents and storylines in the movie confidential” until the film’s release. The world theatrical premiere of “Divorce Corp.” was held in […]

The Hidden Agenda Behind the Making of “Divorce Corp.”

On January 9, 2014, My Advocate Center will be hosting the world premier of a documentary film titled “Divorce Corp.” The following day, the film will be released in theaters around the country. AMC’s synopsis of the film is as follows: “A shocking exposA of the inner workings of the $50 billion a year U.S. […]

Inconsistency on the Bench

Apparently, people seem to erroneously believe that because someone happens to be a judge, they are an expert in the field. I can understand why people would have such a false belief, but it leads to mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. If I, God forbid, were diagnosed with cancer, I would seek […]

Lessons I Learned from My Parents: Part VII

In my last article from this series, I described how easy it is for love to turn to hate when a parent’s efforts to use their child as a pawn in order to “harm, injure or otherwise extract revenge” against the other parent doesn’t play out as they had intended. In my case, my father […]

Do Courts Dispense Justice?

Anyone who truly believes that justice is dispensed in court is in the Twilight Zone. Assuming they function properly, courts apply the law. Who makes the law they apply? Man! Who says the law is just? In fact, the law differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Which is just and to whom? Courts do NOT dispense […]

Things to Consider When Entering into a Parenting Plan

How do you re-establish a bond that never existed? You can’t! You can attempt to establish a bond, but you cannot re-establish something that never existed in the first place. This is the elephant in the room! A parent/child bond is initially formed when the parent cares for a newborn infant and young child. It […]

Filing For Divorce: What’s Involved – And Why Does it Get Complicated?

Understanding The Divorce Process For those who have made the difficult decision to get a divorce, the next question is often, “how do I file for divorce?” Getting divorced (in most cases) is about both the Final Settlement Agreement and the Divorce Decree.  Many people do not realize the difference, but it’s important to understand […]

Family Law Should Not Be Treated the Same as Other Areas of Law

The laws relating to division of property and support and all other laws pertaining to families vary from state to state. Moreover, the laws change over time. One day the laws go one direction and the next day they could change. In other words, the laws are “arbitrary.” What makes California’s laws on these issues […]

A Comparison Between Actual War and Family Law Litigation

It has long been said that the tongue is sharper than any sword. In fact, the Bible says, “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” (Bible, Proverbs 12:18 (NIV)) Of course, in litigation, we place such words into correspondence, declarations and pleadings in an effort to coerce a […]