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The Pain of Remaining the Same

One of my favorite quotes is from Anais Nin.  It’s about pain and the beauty held within it.   “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” You might be saying to yourself, “What? Beauty in pain? Have you lost […]

Does a good Sex Life prevent divorce?

The answer is YES!!! Oprah said on one of her recent radio shows that there is a correlation between the length and regularity of the kiss (10 seconds per day) and your chances of getting a divorce.  Well I am here to tell you she is right. I have dealt with thousands of couples that […]

When is Divorce the Best Option?

Lets face it – divorce is never the best option but sometimes the alternative just does not seem palatable. I see too many people throw in the towel too soon, especially when children are involved, yet when a marriage is falling apart it is hard to know when it is the right time to start […]

How To Survive Divorce Without Bitterness

Since your breakup, are you calling everyone you know and recounting the story over and over and over about how he did that or he said this or can you believe what he’s up to now?  Let me ask you another question then:  What about YOU? You see, I fell into that trap too.  HE […]

LGBT Couples and Avoiding Domestic Partnership Headaches

Is entering a California “registered domestic partnership” the right move for you and your partner? A growing number of gay and lesbian couples are finding that the law relating to their relationship is confusing, and possibly very expensive. Numerous couples who have actually been together for years, and who registered as domestic partners, are surprised […]

Are You Surviving or Thriving During a Divorce?

How do you choose to view your breakup or divorce?  Are you at the point of barely surviving?  Struggling with each day?  Well, there comes a time – and yes, it will come even if you don’t believe me right now – where you’ll turn “surviving” into “thriving.”  How do I know?  Because it happened to […]


This year, as always, I am collecting some of my favorite stories of the post-divorce possibilities. The eastern seaboard of the United States has just survived Hurricane Sandy and its after effects.  Those of us who “only” lost heat, or electricity, or ell service are feeling pretty grateful and fortunate right about now.  And, considering […]

Why Clients Should Take Some Responsibility for Their Dissatisfaction with the Ultimate Outcomes of their Cases

Maybe clients would be more satisfied with the outcomes of their cases if they changed the way in which they interviewed and selected the attorneys they retain. When clients consult with attorneys, they frequently ask the attorneys questions of law – they want to know what the law is on a particular issue. Shouldn’t any […]

Staying Connected

Here are some practices I have learned to keep my marriage healthy and happy.             Communicate Daily.  Make sure to talk and check in with each other at least once every day, if only for ten minutes.  This time should be separate from and in addition to conversations about the kids or your weekly schedule.  […]


Gay marriage has now been authorized in one form or another in several states. In response, the Federal Government and many states have passed laws prohibiting gay marriage.  But it doesn’t take a genius to know that people are going to flock to gay marriage states and get married and then move into states that […]