Man Drops 20 Tonne Boulder in Ex-Wife’s Driveway


It’s the prank heard ‘round the world: Dany Larivière, the mayor of a small town in Quebec, Canada decided to give his ex-wife, Isabelle Prevost, the “big rock” she’d always wanted by dropping a 20-tonne boulder in front of her house.

Oh, and to ensure that Prevost didn’t mistake who was behind this extraordinary gesture, Larivière had the presence of mind to spray paint “Happy Birthday” in giant orange letters on the rock’s face.

Suffice it to say, she got the message.

And more than that, she also got the police involved, who have since charged her ex with mischief and harassment. They also ordered him to pick up his wayward boulder – which he did, albeit reluctantly.

As of now, Larivière and Prevost, who divorced about a year ago, must abide by very strict conditions, and must not contact each other at anytime.

Since the incident first made headlines in mid-August, it has sparked worldwide coverage (publications as far away as Pakistan have featured the story).

But more than that, it has shed some much-needed light on what many claim is an undercurrent of hatred, angst and even violence that writhes beneath many former marriages that may be over as far as the law is concerned, but emotionally-speaking, they’re still as intertwined as ever – and not in a healthy way.

In my view, nobody goes to this kind of trouble to play a prank. This is far more serious. Regardless of the post-divorce problems this ex-couple was or are having, this is not healthy behaviour. I can only hope that the people who care for both of these individuals would take them (and especially the husband) aside and encourage him to get the professional help and advice they need before something even worse happens.

Some of you may say if one of the spouses is acting crazy, there is not much the other spouse can do. I find that while that can be true for some cases, in most cases, how one spouse react can either fuel the fire or calm it down.

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