How Will Your Divorce Be Handled, “With Common Sense or With an Angry Court Battle”

Saturday afternoon and your spouse comes home and announces, “I want a divorce.” Shocked and a lost for words, what do you do. This is a common response by millions who are not expecting to hear such words. If this is you, please know that you are not alone!

As one who has walked her talk, there are resources for you because of the internet. I suggest, “Google single parent organizations,” over contacting an attorney immediately which is what most people do.

Look to contact groups who come up in the first few pages. They are more likely to be ones around for a longer time or have a large budget for marketing. On their websites, they will have potential resources, phone number to call or email.

In today’s world, one doesn’t, “have to battle their case in a court room.” But there are some attorney’s who focus on battles. So in my professional opinion, it’s important to hire the right attorney for your particular situation. This also means, one should hire an attorney who specialized in Family Court over those who practice bankruptcy, criminal, etc.

Also just because an attorney worked well with one person, doesn’t always mean, they are the right one for you! Please make sure you feel comfortable with the attorney when speaking with them, otherwise, you may find yourself being intimated and not have the outcome your looking for.

“Remember every case is different and yet similar. But it’s the little things that can impact the finale outcome. “

Below is a list of potential people or agencies, who could become involved in your case. In most states today, when children are involved, you may have to attend; a parenting course, plus mediation to resolve issues prior going into court.

The type of people who may invade your private life are, Guardian ad Litems, Forensic therapist or accountants, Department of Children and Family when allegations of abuse or neglect are alleged, police, to immediate family or friends, becoming a witness against you, Others may also become a part of your life depending on the anger and how it’s directed.

Do you want such people looking into your personal life to end the marriage or relationship, so all work in the best interest of all parties?

I am pleased to say, that if you can, “Get the Right Facts First,” and put the anger and pain in its proper perspective, by thinking about your children first. If you can do this, than one can have a co-operative harmonious settlement.

Collaborative Divorce and or Medation.are other options. to keep from ending up in losing all of your funds. Divorce is expensive and if you fight every battle or conflict in court, everyone will pay, in the long run.

A Collaborative Divorce brings everyone to the table to discus what is in the best interest of the children but not limited to:

1. Who will be primary parent, or co-parenting, or by living 50/50 at each parent’s home to the best ways to resolve the financial assets.
2. What will be paid for child support and other expenses that will come up
3. How the children will be raised
4. Best ways to handle a financial settlement

The professionals such as lawyers to therapist,s accountants, and others, may come to the meeting to settle the divorce. This is the best for all parties, because when their is anger,” the children lose out.” And their is a greater chance for, children to end up acting in self destructive behaviors. We as tax payers pay for the fall out, with our insurance premiums, and tax dollars.

To learn more please feel free to click on http://www.nationalsingleparent.orgto listen to the, “Coach Judy Live Talk Show,” that offers on demand shows addressing, many of the issues you will face when living as a single parent.

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