The latest issue of Divorce Magazine features “Good Karma Divorce”

Divorce Magazine’s Summer/Fall 2010 issue has just been made available. This issue offers: Divorce Magazine cover

  • invaluable tips on how to experience a “good karma” divorce, which saves time, money and stress
  • a financial health check-up quiz
  • an overview on the debate of 50/50 child access
  • FAQs from divorce professionals
  • divorce news and views and
  • an exclusive interview with Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Dan Hill, and much more.

You will get life-changing insights from the our excerpt from the book “The Good Karma Divorce” by Judge Michele Lowrance, in which she helps spouses have a destruction-free divorce by creating a “moral compass.” You will also learn from other experts on how to forgive your former spouse and move on with your life, and how to foster your child’s long-term adjustment to divorce.  

The issue also offers an overview of the debate on whether 50/50 joint custody by parents should be the starting point in any divorce settlement.  As a divorced father, I was pleasantly surprised to see that our poll on regarding 50/50 child access was supported by both women and men.

My exclusive interview with Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Dan Hill brings out his intimate thoughts on relationships. Dan Hill has a unique ability to capture and convey the complex emotions that many of us feel at difficult times, such as during marital struggles.

You can subscribe to Divorce Magazine online. Divorce Magazine is published twice a year and has 6 regional editions: California, Texas, Illinois, New York/New Jerse, Florida and Ontario. Additionally, Divorce Magazine’s online knowledge center, located at, contains a wide range of divorce-related articles, news items, information on local family lawyers and divorce professionals and other resources. Access is free and no registration is required.


Dan Couvrette, President & CEO, Divorce MagazineDan Couvrette is a marketing expert, public speaker, magazine publisher, and artist. He is the CEO of and Divorce Marketing Group, a Toronto-based marketing agency dedicated to helping divorce professionals (such as lawyers, financial advisors and mediators) across North America market their services; and the CEO & Publisher of Divorce Magazine and Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. He can be reached at (866) 803-6667 ex. 24 or


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