Things to Consider When Entering into a Parenting Plan

How do you re-establish a bond that never existed? You can’t!

You can attempt to establish a bond, but you cannot re-establish something that never existed in the first place. This is the elephant in the room!

A parent/child bond is initially formed when the parent cares for a newborn infant and young child. It is established by the parent feeding the child, changing the child’s diapers, putting the child to bed, and otherwise caring for the child. If parents separate prior to the child’s birth or shortly thereafter, is it appropriate for the mother and/or the legal system to deny the father the right to form such a bond with his child? No!

Does this mean that there should be 50/50 parenting? No! Again, how do you re-establish a bond that may never have existed? Do you do so by forcing the child to spend 50% of the time with a parent with whom the child is not bonded or not well-bonded? Does this have anything to do with fitness? No! Can a bond that was never established be formed? Yes! Does it occur by forcing the child to spend time with that parent? No! Does percentage timeshare equate to a strong parent/child bond? No! Can timeshare be increased as the bond is strengthened between the parent and child? Yes! If forced prematurely, however, the intended result will backfire!

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