When lovers turn into schemers – the worst facebook divorce story yet

I read in the news today (The Globe & Mail) about this divorcing couple using facebook to oneup each other and ended up in court.

The wife faked a facebook name (Jessica) to befriend the husband, the  ex-to-be. The husband revealed his plan to kill the wife to Jessica. She went to the police.  In the end, he was not charged because he faked the plan since he suspected all along that “Jessica” was his wife.

What could possibly be the driving force behind these schemes?  To get information that you wouldn’t get otherwise?  If that is the case, she got it for sure. Is it to protect the children, themselves? My question is who is going to protect their children from them, if there are children involved.

Divorce is hard enough, but this cannot possibly help. Perhaps this couple do not believe that they can just be straight with each other and get the best divorce and settlement possible. But I’d like to think that they would give it a try. Howver, afterall this, the chances of that happening would be slim. We can only hope. I sure hope they would recognize that some outside help may be required, and I hope when they do get some divorce professional help, that they will listen to their advice and guidance from there on as to what they need to focus on to have a peaceful divorce.

I am hoping at least their story will makde a contribution to other divorcing couples — that they have demonstrated that this is not the way to go about it. It would be great if part II of this story can demonstrate that even after things have spiraled out of control, you CAN bring it back under control.

Do you sympathize with the wife? The husband? Or neither one fo them? Maybe the children? Maybe the rest of us?because I am pretty sure  tax payers paid for the police they called and the fees for the case to have gone through the legal system.

Do you sympathize with the wife, the husband or niether one of them?

Martha ChanMartha Chan is the co-owner and V.P. Marketing of Divorce Marketing Group and Divorce Magazine. She is responsible for all online and offline initiatives of the company. She is married to Dan Couvrette and is a step mother of two sons. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. She can be reached at (866) 803-6667 ex. 36 or marthac@divorcemarketinggroup.com.

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  1. Nic says:

    That was not nice.

    I’ve heard,seen and read many articles and reports how social networking sites ruins many relationship ,but this one is new.

    What if it is true that he is planning to kill his wife?

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