Do Courts Dispense Justice?

Anyone who truly believes that justice is dispensed in court is in the Twilight Zone.
Assuming they function properly, courts apply the law. Who makes the law they apply? Man! Who says the law is just? In fact, the law differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Which is just and to whom? Courts do NOT dispense justice.

I would suggest that you be cognizant of the fact that each state has different laws pertaining to spousal support, etc. Don’t make assumptions about the need for reform in a particular jurisdiction based upon your perception of the spousal support laws in your jurisdiction.

If the court must apply laws that YOU do not believe are just, how can courts dispense justice? I bet that some people believe that the laws in any given state are just and others believe quite the contrary. Perception is reality, isn’t it?

I can promise you that if I were murdered by someone, the legal system could not possibly provide “justice.” I can promise you that if I lost a limb in an accident and received monetary compensation, no amount of compensation would replace the lost limb. I really don’t think that the “scales of justice” appropriately describe the legal system. It is a false and misleading representation of an adversarial approach to dispute resolution. I will say it once again – perception is reality, isn’t it? We see what we want to see and we find what we want to find.

Even those who believe in God must recognize that God did not create the laws that are passed by the legislative branch of our government. Even those who believe in God must recognize that it is not God wearing the black robe and judging cases in court.

Justice is as unattainable as perfection.  Perfectionists are always disappointed because perfection is unattainable. People would be much happier if they put things in proper perspective.

It is amazing how philosophical I have become over time. I believe that we cannot understand and appreciate philosophy until we have had life experiences. I was certainly unable to appreciate or comprehend philosophy when I was in law school and was required to take a course on Philosophy and the Law. Now, I am one of the most philosophical attorneys around — go figure!

Let me be very clear — Any attorneys who are taking money from their clients to fight for justice are stealing their clients’ money! For the reasons I set forth above, the courts do not and never have dispensed justice. As Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” Many of you may be fooling your clients and possibly because you are also fooling yourselves. However, nobody is fooling me on this reality of life.

Justice is a matter of perception. Interestingly enough, perception is relative and not absolute.

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