Judge orders mother who wants to move out of town to use Skype so her kids can “see” and talk to their father.

Child access by skypeAre you someone who embraces new features available online, such as Skype – the free technology that allows you to talk and see someone over the internet via video?

If you are a divorced parent and your child does not live with you, you may want to consider using Skype. This will allow you to “see” your kids real time if you and your spouse have a computer with video camera and internet connection. You will not incur any cost. It is particular good if your kids live out of town. Even if you do not have a video camera, you can talk to your kids for free, without incurring long distant charges.

This week, Suffolk County (New York) Supreme Court Judge Jerry Garguilo may have revolutionized just how friendly technology can be in a recent decision, which is capturing attention across the country and globe.

As reported by the New York Law Journal, Judge Garguilo recently told a divorced mother that if she wanted to move her 9 and 6-year old kids to Florida against the impassioned plea of her ex-husband, she’d have to tote something else in her luggage: Skype.

That’s right, Skype. The Judge wants the mother to use it so that the kids can enjoy 1-hour “chats” with their dad three times a week. The New York Law Journal considers the order to be precedent-setting and could be enacted by other judges.

Moving kids away from non-custodial parents can be traumatic for everyone involved – especially the kids, who are caught in the crossfire. However, when it has to happen for reasons that the court deems acceptable (in this case, because the mother is in serious financial distress and moving closer to her parents), then using technology like Skype to help cushion the blow is remarkable and enlightened.

Let’s hope that other judges “see the light” as well and think outside of the box when it comes to keeping families together – virtually, if not geographically. You can download Skype software for free and start using it right away.

What are your thoughts? Is this a “good use” of technology? Please share your views and ideas!

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  1. Child custody could be a very hecticfight for fogeys and for all thefamily. Custody of the child means that the social gathering granted for it should get the duty of rearing the child. This generally is a tough process for the child since they’re caught in between.

  2. Manager of this blog - Martha Chan Martha Chan says:

    Child custody is definitley a very complicated issue.

  3. Justa Lounds says:

    been reading your website. really like your posts. btw i am doing a report regarding this area. do you know any blogs or maybe forums that I can get more info? many thanks.

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    Sorry for the late reply Justa. You can check out our Divorce Magazine forum here: http://divorcemag.com/forums/