The Intelligent Divorce Research Center

It is with a lot of excitement that we are announcing the creation of a new website for news and current research on divorce. We call it: The Intelligent Divorce Research Center. The site will have up to date information about the latest research on divorce. It will keep tabs on divorce in the news […]

Taking Charge of Sleep: Part Two

In an interview with Andrew Solomon, author of The Noonday Demon, Dr. Thomas Wehr (NIMH) said, "Grief, which leads to depression, disrupts your sleep one way; falling in love, which can lead to mania, disrupts your sleep another way." It’s no secret that sleep is tough to get when you’re stressed out. One study found […]

Local Event in Westchester, NY: Do You Want to Write a Book?(What You Need to Know)

The Katonah Study Group For Integrative Medicine March 23, 2011 Katonah Library 7:00pm $15 (unless you are a member) Most people have a book in them, just waiting to come out. In this workshop you will learn the steps required to produce a really good book. Writing a book is one of the most […]

Taking Charge of Sleep: Part One

If the average person lives 70-80 years, consider that 15-20 of those years are spent sleeping—that’s no small thing. All mammals sleep; it’s an essential part of life. Since ancient Egyptian times, sleep has sparked the interest of philosophers, religious leaders, and scientists alike. The buzz around dreams alone is enormous. Everyone wants to know […]

Hello Bad Habits

Example One Your wife left you and you’re feeling despondent; you’re not sure how you’re going to make ends meet. All of a sudden, you find yourself with a cigarette in your mouth. Your father died of emphysema ten years ago and, until this moment, you hadn’t picked up since. The stress of divorce has […]

Driving You Crazy

Imagine driving along the highway and thinking, "She doesn’t love me anymore." "What’s going to happen to me?" "Should I get a new lawyer? Maybe there’s something wrong with the one that I have." The inner voices continue. "I can’t stand him; he’s so selfish." "Nobody is calling me back!" "What’s going to happen to […]

Where Are My Friends – A Case Study

You know, now that I’m struggling with some depression, I realize how much I lost with this divorce. Danny, my ex, never really wanted to hang out with my friends, and while I liked his friends, now that we are divorced, they want to hang out with him. So it’s slim pickings for me. You […]

Where Are My Friends

The loss of a marriage is a real death. That is why people grieve in divorce despite the fact that nobody has died. Grief applies to other human losses and not to a loss that comes from death. In some ways it is trickier to recover from divorce than from a death, because when you […]

Local Event in Westchester, NY: Transforming Illness Into A Self Healing Journey

The Katonah Study Group For Integrative Medicine Presents: Paul Epstein, ND February 16, 2011 Katonah Library 7:00pm $15 (unless you are a member) Please bring your favorite dish – drinks will be provided Transforming Illness Into A Self Healing Journey: How Biography Becomes Biology Disease tells a story, not just about our cells and […]

The Value of Grief: Part Three (2)

The bandage keeps the wound from getting reinjured and it stays there to protect the skin from being poked or prodded. In divorce the bandage is a commitment to keeping you protected and safe as you heal. Sometimes this can be in the guise of a good therapist, or a lawyer who protect your rights. […]