Pope Francis embracing divorced families… finally

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church became the first Pope to say people who are divorced and their children are not living in sin and the church should keep it’s door open to them. Equal treatment and acceptance of remarried Catholics? That is definitely trend setting! I applaud the Pope’s open declaration of […]

Introducing www.DivorcedMoms.com

www.DivorceMoms.com is an online community dedicated to empowering women thinking about getting a divorce, separated or divorced.

Divorce parties can mark a new, fresh start

Divorce parties have become a popular event to try and make the transition from married life to single life as smooth as possible.

Man Drops 20 Tonne Boulder in Ex-Wife’s Driveway

PHOTO VÉRONIQUE TREMBLAY It’s the prank heard ‘round the world: Dany Larivière, the mayor of a small town in Quebec, Canada decided to give his ex-wife, Isabelle Prevost, the “big rock” she’d always wanted by dropping a 20-tonne boulder in front of her house. Oh, and to ensure that Prevost didn’t mistake who was behind […]

Family Court: The Court of Last Resort?

For years, family lawyers have been warning their clients that litigation should be a last resort, and only pursued when all other reconciliation options have been reasonably exhausted. This advice is not just about avoiding the massive costs of a court battle. It’s also about saving valuable time and avoiding stress – especially for any […]

Study: University-Age Children Not Harmed by Divorce

While it’s well-known that stress and trauma of divorce can have a negative impact on children, a recent study suggests that if those children are attending university, the impact is minimal – even beneficial. As reported by Healthday.com, University of Warwick (Coventry, England) researchers gauged the productivity and happiness levels of 270 students of recently-divorced […]