What went wrong?

The downward spiral in relationships often starts with the loss of respect for the husband, and the woman taking on a more masculine role. Whether this happened to you or not, it’s a good thing to be aware of.

Release the Victim Role for the New Year!

Being the best you can be is a wonderful resolution! Living your life as a victim is so unattractive, if you take a hard, honest look at you behavior in your divorce, you may see yourself playing the role of victim. Release this story for New Years.

Divorce Blues…Dealing with the Holidays

Holidays are a particularly tough time of year for people going through divorce. A free gift is offered to help you peacefully transition through the holiday season.

Wise Divorce Advice During Trying Financial Times

Knowing your spending habits and taking charge of them in 10 easy steps. Add this to your list of gifts during your divorce!

7 Fundamental Divorce Lessons we can learn from the BP Oil Spill

When going through a divorce, there are some valuable lessons we can learn from the way corporations and the government behave. What can they teach us and how can we maintain integrity and honor while going through our own personal crisis – Divorce.

Divorce is a gift!

Your divorce can become your best friend, the impetus to really change your life and take responsibility for who you are. Change is inevitable and Divorce is simply a time of change. Accept it, learn from it, grow from it.