Brahm Siegel on Joint Child Custody

In recent years I’ve noticed a big change in clients. Simply put, I see a lot less fighting these days about sole versus joint custody than I used to. Why? In sole custody, or “custody” (they mean the same thing), one parent has all the decision-making power in relation to the child — specifically, decisions […]

Brahm Siegel Asks: Is Collaborative Family Law for You?

Collaborative Family Law may or may not be the most appropriate process for you. It may be helpful for you to consider certain factors before you make your choice: First, Collaborative Family Law will be of interest to you if you and your spouse want to keep control over the decisions made about you and […]

Brahm Siegel: How can you make the divorce process move faster?

The amount of time the divorce process takes depends mainly on how complicated your case is. Simple divorce cases can take a few months or even less, but a divorce with complex financial, property, or custody issues usually takes far longer. Usually, your divorce will be final shortly after you and your spouse reach an […]

Do you have to tell your lawyer everything – even details you consider private?

Divorce is a deeply personal affair as well as a legal one, so it’s perfectly understandable that you might be reluctant to share certain information about your marriage with your lawyer. However, the better informed your lawyer is about your case, the better able he or she is to represent you. Remember that your lawyer […]

Lawyer Brahm Siegel says: Kill all lawyers? Hold that thought

After 14 years as a divorce lawyer, I’ve heard the same things from clients: “I like you but don’t want to pay for you.” “We’d really like to try to do this without lawyers.” “No offence, but I’d rather spend my money on my children than yours.” None taken. I’ve learned to have a thick […]

Brahm Siegel: Adultery is not all that relevant in court

Tiger Woods, Jesse James, David Letterman. John Edwards. Jon Gosselin, allegedly. Cheating and adultery —  it’s back in style. What’s also fashionable is dumping on the adulterous spouse: “How could he?” “What was he thinking?” “He’s made her look like such a fool, I hope she takes him for everything.” These are all common reactions […]