On The Rise: Using of Emerging Technologies to Perpetrate Stalking and Domestic Violence

Using emerging modern technologies to perpetrate stalking and domestic violence is rising. Facebook stalking is now a general term. We’ve all read the news about GPS transmitters being put on vehicles by stalkers, and e-mail hacking– as stated by our clients– is now a rather regular event. Our workplace has even seen parties putting spyware […]

Maryland High Court Considers Allowing Same-Sex Divorce

Maryland’s highest court is considering whether same sex married couples can be separated in the State. Maryland presently does not permit exact same sex couples to marry– that’s clear. The concern is whether the State can then extend that prohibition to keep exact same sex couples from divorcing as well. As some background, frequently times […]

Approaching the Prenup Conversation Gracefully

I have always said that when approached gracefully, a premarital contract could strengthen a relationship. I do believe that is real, but the simple truth is that most people have no earthly concept how to approach a prenup gracefully. From either side. Too commonly, one fiance dumps  the idea of a prenup in the other […]

Teens and Co-parenting

Today’s post originates from our brave paralegal, Karin Buckley. Karin has a great amount of experience dealing with teenagers, having actually instructed high school for many years prior to becoming a paralegal. I hope you like her peculiar yet insightful suggestions as much as we did. Maybe you and your co-parent divorced years ago, or […]

Highlights the Power of Spousal Testimonial Privilege As Seen Through Possible John Edwards Marriage

There is a report that embattled previous senator and governmental contender John Edwards is going to marry his one-time girlfriend, Rielle Seeker. Edwards is accused of conspiring to breach project finance laws by using approximately $ 1 million from project contributors to cover up his affair and the child he fathered with Rielle Hunter. If […]

Twitter Accounts and Divorce

Social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook are beginning to take their location in the pantheon of highly contested properties for separating couples in California. As we all know, couples liquefying their marital relationships divide a large variety of possessions already– everything from autos and homes to stock choices, companies and art work. The inevitable […]