How Will Your Divorce Be Handled, “With Common Sense or With an Angry Court Battle”

Saturday afternoon and your spouse comes home and announces, “I want a divorce.” Shocked and a lost for words, what do you do. This is a common response by millions who are not expecting to hear such words. If this is you, please know that you are not alone! As one who has walked her […]

Changing the Way Single Parents Parent Their Children

Awhile back I heard a shocking comment about a single parent dad, by his 29 year old son. I have since learned, (discussed later in the blog,) it’s not all that uncommon, to feel that way. The following will give you insight as to how ones attitude and anger towards the other parent, can affect […]

Coach Judy’s Practical Tips: How Children Are Effected by Divorce

Coach Judy’s Practical Tips: What to Avoid So Children Can Achieve Success If you could turn back the clock just before the relationship deteriorated or during the legal process, what would you have done differently to save the pain and anger you or your children may be experiencing then or now? Too often, relationship end […]