Financial Goals if You’re Separated

Separation may seem a time where you feel in limbo.  You may have some agreements drawn up between you and your estranged spouse, but in some cases, you’re awaiting information, trying to make emotional and practical decisions, and you often feel that you have little control over different aspects of your life. Financially speaking, there […]

How to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Ex-Spouse

Protecting Yourself from a Passive-Aggressive Ex-Spouse   Because it’s easy to get pulled back into situations and emotionally charged issues you worked so hard to extricate yourself from, protect yourself with these tips to keep hidden anger from seeping back into your relationship with your ex-spouse: •  Watch out for emotional reasoning or “feel think,” […]

Surviving Separation

New to blogging here — but I’d like to share an edited excerpt from my book Surviving Separation and Divorce: A Woman’s Guide to Regaining Control, Building Strength & Confidence and Securing a Financial Future (second edition) by Loriann Oberlin, MS While written for women long before I began second career in mental health, I […]