Traits to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

Choosing your lawyer is probably the most important decision you will make in your divorce process. So make sure you find somebody who will smooth the road ahead, not make it more rough than it already is. Interview several lawyers – at least three – before you make a final decision – but at the […]

How to Keep Legal Costs Down During Divorce

The cost of contested divorce proceedings in court is high. Hourly rates for divorce lawyers range from $175 to $350 per hour. The duration of a typical contested divorce in court may be 6-12 months. Clients are often left with legal bills they cannot afford to pay. There are alternatives. Court proceedings for a divorce […]

What to Do When an Ex Misses Paying Child Support

Collecting child and spousal support is a frustrating process for the recipient. Many support payers fall behind in their payments even if a Court order or separation agreement provides for a monthly amount of child or spousal support, In Ontario, all Court ordered support payments (whether child or spousal) are enforced by the Family Responsibility […]

How is property determined? Which is marital and which is separate?

Let us assume that by “marital property”, we deem property that is subject to division on a relationship breakdown. In Ontario family law, there is no presumption that parties who are not married but live together will get to share in the value of property held by the other on the breakdown of the relationship. […]

Ken Nathens: 5 things to know that will make your divorce less stressful

Divorce is traumatic. It is not realistic to expect that a divorce will be painless or that the road to divorce and separation settlement will not have bumps along the way. I am often asked by divorce couples as to how they can have a less stressful divorce. Here are 5 things to know and to […]

Collaborative Family Law: Possible Perils

As a family law practitioner with 15 years’ experience, I know the possible financial and emotional turmoil that lengthy family court proceedings can bring to a family. Many family law clients are searching for alternatives to the family court system to resolve disputes. In recent years, collaborative family law has become one such alternative method […]