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What does technology have to do with communications, especially in a divorce?

Ninety percent (90%) of conflict is due to misunderstandings.  That’s just a “rule of thumb.” We humans have invented this wonderful faculty of language but we really don’t know how to use it all that well.  Other stats: up to 70% of the information we get from another person has nothing to do with the […]

On The Rise: Using of Emerging Technologies to Perpetrate Stalking and Domestic Violence

Using emerging modern technologies to perpetrate stalking and domestic violence is rising. Facebook stalking is now a general term. We’ve all read the news about GPS transmitters being put on vehicles by stalkers, and e-mail hacking– as stated by our clients– is now a rather regular event. Our workplace has even seen parties putting spyware […]

Twitter Accounts and Divorce

Social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook are beginning to take their location in the pantheon of highly contested properties for separating couples in California. As we all know, couples liquefying their marital relationships divide a large variety of possessions already– everything from autos and homes to stock choices, companies and art work. The inevitable […]

Divorcing Couple Ordered to Exchange Facebook Passwords

In our work as divorce litigators we are seeing an extreme upsurge in the use of social networking sites as evidence in child custody cases. The trend began several years ago, and with dramatic outcomes. In my first case involving Facebook, the spouse provided screen shots of his spouse’s newsfeed to establish that she drank […]

Judge orders mother who wants to move out of town to use Skype so her kids can “see” and talk to their father.

Are you someone who embraces new features available online, such as Skype – the free technology that allows you to talk and see someone over the internet via video? If you are a divorced parent and your child does not live with you, you may want to consider using Skype. This will allow you to […]

Woman who had an affair sues cell phone company for causing her divorce.

Today, a friend told me about this news of a 37 year old Toronto woman who is suing Rogers Communications , a large telecommunication company in Canada, for causing her divorce and losing her job. According to a TV interview with this woman by CTV, this woman admitted she had a short affair but claimed that Roger’s billing […]