How can a mental health professional help in the collaborative process?

A Collaborative Divorce Process takes place when couples have chosen to avoid divorcing in the traditional way, deciding to not involve the court. Instead, they decide to work with a team of professionals to achieve a settlement that best meets the needs of both parties and their children. The team of professionals consists of a […]

How can you understand the chaotic feelings during a divorce?

Divorce is like grief, and when we grieve there is no right way to do so; nobody grieves ‘correctly’. The experience is chaotic and circular. Although there is the occurrence of identifiable feelings (such as shock, denial, anger, fear, disbelief, and acceptance), there is not an identifiable linear order to cope with these feelings, and […]

Can we make a divorce more amicable?

A divorce by its nature is not charming. However, is there a way to aim to make it amicable?   The internal experience of divorce usually mimics the experience of the death of a loved one. Although the person is not dead, we have lost them.  The problem does not end here, because together with […]

The value of Self-Empowerment during the time of divorce

Divorce has its way to hurt a person’s self esteem, confidence and worth. Therefore is it important for you to regain a sense of yourself and focus on YOU through the process of self empowerment. This does not mean to become self-absorbed or to focus on your ego; it rather means to increase your spiritual, […]

The benefits of seeing a therapist during time of divorce

“When two people decide to get a divorce, it isn’t a sign that they ‘don’t understand’ one another, but a sign that they have, at last, begun to. “ Helen Rowland   For yourself: Divorce is not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination. It touches upon many areas: financially, family, friends, children, community, […]

The value of getting help

Ending your marriage will generate emotional challenges that may require learning the skills of how to cope with the difficult mental, physical and financial process of uncoupling. There are various forms to conduct therapy sessions for divorcing people:  (a) on an individual basis, (b) family sessions with your children and yourself or with your ex-spouse, […]