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The Hidden Agenda Behind the Making of “Divorce Corp.”

On January 9, 2014, My Advocate Center will be hosting the world premier of a documentary film titled “Divorce Corp.” The following day, the film will be released in theaters around the country. AMC’s synopsis of the film is as follows: “A shocking exposA of the inner workings of the $50 billion a year U.S. […]

Family Law Should Not Be Treated the Same as Other Areas of Law

The laws relating to division of property and support and all other laws pertaining to families vary from state to state. Moreover, the laws change over time. One day the laws go one direction and the next day they could change. In other words, the laws are “arbitrary.” What makes California’s laws on these issues […]

A New Year and a Fresh Start: Getting Divorced and Starting Anew

The holidays are always a stressful time. Shopping malls become war zones, extended family members become nightmares, and credit card bills are through the roof. It is no wonder that the end of December seems to be the breaking point for a lot of couples – so much so that divorce and family lawyers often […]

Being Thankful While Going Through Divorce

Fall is here, and that means shorter days, cooler nights, and an array of seasonal events that remind us to “be thankful.” Yet, for many people who have gone through a divorce or are going through the process, finding reasons to be thankful and feeling grateful can be difficult. I empathize with everyone who, because […]