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Importance of Sleep in Divorce

Sleep is crucial in divorce to ensure that information is retained and appropriate decisions are made that can affect the rest of one’s life.  Both the Slow Wave sleep of Delta and REM are required for optimal processing of material taken in and new skills that are learned. There are three parts to memory formation […]

Interest on Child Support Arrearages

Because divorce is a matter of state law, whether interest on past due child support is allowed and how it is calculated depends on the state. Most states charge interest on past due child support. The amount of interest you can collect varies by state. Most states have a fixed annual interest rate, often 10% […]

Latest Issue of Divorce Magazine is Here!

Divorce Magazine’s winter/spring 2012 edition features an important and timely look at how individuals going through divorce can transform their negative thoughts into positive insight, and use that new awareness to make wise and compassionate decisions during divorce. I believe positive attitude, emotional well-being and mental clarity are three keys to making the right decisions during […]