Introducing is an extremely active and engaging online community that is 100% devoted to empowering mothers who are thinking about getting a divorce, separated or already divorced. This website receives 2,500,000+ visits a year and has more than 5,000 pages of expert advice and blog posts. There is new content on this website daily.

There are 20 blogs within the site all written by mothers. They share real stories based on personal experience on relationship trouble, infidelity, raising children as single mothers, the battles the had over child support and custody, emotional struggles, dating again and as step-mothers in blended families.

This website also has professionals offering expert advice to women to help them prepare and understand what lies ahead if they are filing for divorce, the divorce law, what to expect as they go through the process, how to deal with your difficult ex and to move forward with your life.

Many of the articles and blog posts have been reposted on other websites, including Huffington Post, Maria Shriver, and The Good Men Project.

As you read the pages on, you will cry, laugh and dream again. If you are ready to join this community, click here.


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