Pope Francis embracing divorced families… finally

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church became the first Pope to say people who are divorced and their children are not living in sin and the church should keep it’s door open to them.

Equal treatment and acceptance of remarried Catholics? That is definitely trend setting!

I applaud the Pope’s open declaration of the need to update the Catholic church’s position on the subject of divorce. Hopefully with this public declaration, action will be taken to fully execute such position, so that Catholics no longer have to get an annulment or be disallowed to remarry in Catholic churches. Divorce is tough enough, we don’t need any hurdles, we need support on the journey to recovery.

I don’t really care if this move is driven by a real belief that divorced people and their children are not sinners, or that the Catholic Church is only doing this because it wants to keep Catholics loyal as some people have suggested. Who cares. It is about time! Bravo Pope Francis. This adds to his long list of unprecedented acts as the head of the Catholic Church. Now, let’s make sure this declaration is followed through. I, for one, will be watching for further development.

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