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Basics of Enforcing a California Prenup

Some couples sign premarital agreements that consist of terms they know aren’t enforceable. They do this because they wish to memorialize agreements in writing, whether or not California courts will uphold those contracts. Other couples care mainly about safeguarding assets in case of a future breakup, and so enforcement is a leading priority. Either method, […]

Good Prenups Take Thought and Time

Probably the first question individuals ask about premarital arrangements (also called prenuptial agreements, or “prenups”), is “when should we begin planning?” I’m sure you already predict the answer: start planning as early as possible. There are two major reasons to get started negotiating your premarital agreement early. First, if it ever comes to enforcement, courts […]

You Have a Prenup Whether You Realize Realize It Or Not… So Use It To Strengthen Your Marriage!

Just what do I mean that you currently have a prenuptial agreement (in some cases called a “prenup”)? If you live anywhere in the United States, then you reside in a state that has guidelines about marriage. Those rules dictate how marital property is treated during marital relationship, and they direct just what occurs to […]

Humphries asks Kardashian for $7 million to divorce / Our legal system is flawed

Have we lost our minds?