On The Rise: Using of Emerging Technologies to Perpetrate Stalking and Domestic Violence

Using emerging modern technologies to perpetrate stalking and domestic violence is rising. Facebook stalking is now a general term. We’ve all read the news about GPS transmitters being put on vehicles by stalkers, and e-mail hacking– as stated by our clients– is now a rather regular event. Our workplace has even seen parties putting spyware on one another’s computers to track e-mails and passwords.

A few of these activities are illegal and can be stopped with restraining orders; others reside in a blurry gray area where enforcement can be a real difficulty. Either means, it’s important to be familiar with how to safeguard yourself, and if necessary, how to accumulate the proof you will require if you desire a restraining order.

The following are our tips for the best ways to prevent mishandling of your digital identification.

Firstly, be sure your computer system is not infected with malware or spyware. Modern spyware can track each and every single stroke on your keyboard and effortlessly capture passwords, e-mails, and credit card information. We consistently recommend our clients to open up brand-new e-mail accounts, however if you unsuspectingly have a key-stroke logger on your computer, it does not matter how many accounts you have– they’re all compromised. There are spyware sweepers available online, but your best option is to hire an IT expert to perform the sweep for you.

Second, do not provide your stalker any information to feed upon. Do not post your personal info online– it never disappears. Be absolutely sure your social networking personal privacy settings (meaning Facebook, etc.) are set to the most rigorous and strongest offered. If you think you are at risk of stalking, never allow social networking services to track your place. Bear in mind that numerous stalkers will position as your friends then have access to your friends-only details. You could should delete your social networking services totally if you think you are at risk.

Third, never, ever before, interact with your stalker. This only fuels the issue and clouds the question of whether you are the victim. Rather, file and report. Screen-capture anything that occurs online. Save your emails. Inform your friends right away when something happens so that you have a witness. Videotape. Record. Keep text messages and voicemails. And specifically if you are in danger, call the authorities immediately each time you are stalked or bothered.

When you have a body of evidence that reveals a pattern of behavior, contact a skilled attorney and the authorities to state what has actually happened. An experienced lawyer can provide you this and even more suggestions, and can assist you to obtain a limiting order. We handle quite a few of these cases in our workplace, so don’t hesitate to offer us a phone call if you need any aid.

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