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Beating the Single-Mom/Step-Mom Mother’s Day Blues

If you’re going through separation or divorce, you may be dreading Mother’s Day this year. Family-centered holidays – like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day – can intensify feelings of sadness, inadequacy, and loss. For newly separated and divorced people, these holidays can really emphasize how much the family unit has changed. If your family had Mother’s […]

A Conversation between Joe Sorge and Mark Baer Regarding ‘Divorce Corp.’: Part 7 of a Series

This is the seventh of a series of articles wherein I share a conversation I had with the executive producer and director of “Divorce Corp.” wherein we discussed the 58 reasons why I was unable to endorse the film. Since my last article covered points 26 through 30, I will start this article with my […]

Things to Consider When Entering into a Parenting Plan

How do you re-establish a bond that never existed? You can’t! You can attempt to establish a bond, but you cannot re-establish something that never existed in the first place. This is the elephant in the room! A parent/child bond is initially formed when the parent cares for a newborn infant and young child. It […]

Financial Goals if You’re Separated

Separation may seem a time where you feel in limbo.  You may have some agreements drawn up between you and your estranged spouse, but in some cases, you’re awaiting information, trying to make emotional and practical decisions, and you often feel that you have little control over different aspects of your life. Financially speaking, there […]

Who gets to claim the kids on their taxes? The IRS rules may surprise you!

The end of the year is here and that means that tax time is coming up. I always write several articles and I blog about tax implications of child support for those parents in the midst of divorce negotiations and for those in the throes of tax preparation because it’s always nice to discover that […]

Moving from attorney representation to self-representation

Often times I will have to coach a client about how to effectively end a relationship with an attorney who they have been working with and walk away with their case files at the same time. There are times when an attorney will want to hold on to the files which then makes it difficult […]

Custody battle? This is what the court considers. Sharpen your swords!

Ever wonder what the courts take into consideration during a custody battle? Of course they take into consideration the testimony of each parent and their reasons of how that by simple assumption she or he automatically would have the child’s best interests in mind. Additionally however, the criteria includes information from outside the home and […]

A list of states that routinely charge interest on past due child support and states that sometimes do

Here is the list that I promised of states and where they stand on the interest issue. Because this is really very short and sweet, look for my BONUS blog also posted today. States that routinely charge interest on child support arrears: Alabama Alaska Arizona California Georgia Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Nebraska Nevada New Mexico North […]

Interest on Child Support Arrearages

Because divorce is a matter of state law, whether interest on past due child support is allowed and how it is calculated depends on the state. Most states charge interest on past due child support. The amount of interest you can collect varies by state. Most states have a fixed annual interest rate, often 10% […]