Come on Hollywood get your ACT together

Marriages end in Divorce on average close to 50%.  While it is impossible to accurately determine exactly what the stats are in Hollywood as they do not separate out the “stars”, it must be well over 90%.   Do the “stars” not understand the impact they have on society especially the younger and more vulnerable?   Do they not take any responsibility for the legacy they are leaving?   It was bad and now gone to worst with the newest to join the movement of Divorce – J-Lo and Mark Anthony.  Is this not the last straw?   Can we not shelter ourselves, and the younger generation, from this disposable marriage trend?   OK, so there are perhaps more temptations in the world of stardom when you are surrounded by beauty and bronze but come on.  Do none of these stars take any of their vows seriously?   Do you not think that with their positions and societies obsession with them, that they have some responsibility?   Well perhaps it is time that they did.  Not sure how to hold them accountable, but it would certainly be a good idea – someway – somehow.

The media is glamorizing divorce and the stars are fueling it.  When did we loose all those great traditional values?   Is it perhaps that they make so much money and are so egocentric that their values systems have been completely turned upside down. In the real world of North America, families divorce for many reasons one of which is financial stress.   So this one clearly does not apply.   The other reason is lack of communication.  “Stars” make their living communicating so you would think words might come a bit easier than for others.  So that leaves adultery and we know that certainly plays a role.  Or perhaps it is simply just boredom.  I would not be surprised if unlike the rest of us, this might be the number one reason for “stars” to breakup —- we are just bored with each other.   The problem is that the children that are a product of this trend are likely scared deeply.   Kids emulate values and actions and their Hollywood parents are doing a dismal job of achieving any kind of positive mentorship in this category.

Recent tabloids are talking about Brad and Angelina getting married.  To them we should say; “run” and “don’t do it”.  For the rest of the American world we should say go forward with caution and great understanding of each other and yourself. For the other Hollywood Stars who want to be married – perhaps take as much time considering your spouse, planning and communicating as you took time in Acting School trying to hit the jackpot – you might service society better.    From our perspective you do have that responsibility.

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