Family Lawyer had an affair with client and billed her for it

Minnesota family lawyer suspended for 15 months

On January 10, this year, family lawyer Thomas Lowe had his license to practice revoked for 15 months by the Minnesota Supreme Court. He had an affair with his client and even billed her for it. When his wife found out, he ended the personal and professional relationship.

Did Minnesota Family Lawyer, Thomas P. Lowe, took advantage of his client? In my view, yes. And, in his case, it seems like his wife is the one “policing” Mr. Lowe’s conduct. I am glad that Minnesota Supreme Court took action too. But then, what will happen after 15 months? After all, Mr. Lowe was put on probation in 1997 for using and buying cocaine from a client. 

I know there are always some bad apples in a profession, but what do you do with bad apples, you throw them out and they are never to been seen again, right? So, what should we do with bad lawyers? I am not sure suspending them equals changing them. Should there be some kind of rehab program here so they have to be monitored afterwards? And, when will you be disbarred forever because this does not help the vast majority of lawyers who do a good job and are outstanding professionals and citizens.

Sex with your divorce attorney is never a good a idea

I can’t help but ask “Mrs. client”, what are you thinking? For an attorney to have sex with his client, is obviously not a good idea, but does it really require much thinking to know that it is a bad idea to sleep with a married man who is also your divorce attorney? Were you taking advantage of the situation? I hope there is help going her way too. I know going through a divorce can be emotionally stressful. That alone calls for help, even mind what happened with her divorce lawyer.

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