Preparation for the showing of your home when you are ready to sell is one of the most important things you can do to get your home sold. This is what helps some homes sell faster than others. I will name a few things you can do to help in the process.

 First impressions are important. When propsects come to look at your house, the first thing they will see is your homes front door. Be sure that it is fresh, and clean. Be sure the lawn and landscaping are well manicured and trim looking. Be sure your yard is free of refuse and leaves. If it snowed be certain that you’ve removed the ice and snow from the walk and steps.

What you show is what you get. Faded walls and worn woodwork will reduce the appeal of your home. Why try to tell a prospect how your home could look when you can show him by a reasonable amount of redecoration? Invest in wallpaper/paint in the kitchen or bathroom and it will go a long way.

Make the rooms look larger so the buyers can see their furniture in your home. Remove all large or extra  furniture in rooms, laundry from laundry rooms, have closets cleaned(make them look bigger by having them neat and well organized to show that your home has ample closet space), and hallways decluttered. Bathroom counters cleaned off, kitchen counters cleaned off. The less furniture the larger the rooms appear. You want the potential buyer to say I can see myself living here, not these rooms are so small my furniture would never fit!!

Bathrooms sell homes. Make these rooms sparkle! Check and repair any damaged or discolored caulking in the bathtubs and showers, and be sure that the towels and area rugs are bright and clean.

Most of all there is a lot of emotion in selling your home. There is no place like your home. Never apologize for the appearance of your home. If any objections or derogatory comments are offered, let your experienced sales person answer them, that is the agent’s job. Your agent knows the buyer’s needs and desires and can better emphasize the virtues of your home.

These are just a few suggestions that will help sell your home. The best advice is listen to your agent. They know what will sell your home at the highest price.

Adele Paletta is Real Estate Agent servicing buyers and sellers in Ontario, Canada. Adele’s real estate expertise lies in the Greater Western Toronto area including: Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington. She can be reached at 905-828-6550 or adele.paletta@sympatico.ca. View her Divorce Magazine Profile and website.

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