Why are we so mad at Arnold?

Are we mad because he had a child with another women or because he hid the child or because he cheated on America’s royal sweetheart?  Or all of the above?

A bit confusing really since we know that infidelity happens all the time and is responsible for many marriage breakups. And let’s face it  – where there is sex there is potential for a baby. Hello!  I guess the entire media craze seems just a bit surreal.  Maria has been betrayed and that hurts a lot – no question, but something about this just does not sit well.

It is easy to label him as the bad guy and certainly no one would argue that he made a series of bad decisions, firstly in cheating and then concealing the child.  But he did not murder anyone and there is, after all, a child that matters as much as Maria’s children.  Maria needs to focus on healing and the sooner the media stops labeling Arnold as the bad guy the sooner Maria and her kids can move on.  Victims often do look for compensation for their victimization but the outcome is usually much less satisfying than one would expect, partly because there is no real way to escape the pain of betrayal except time.

Arnold made a series of decisions that in reflection seem selfish and without regard for those he loves but to label anything so black and white is naïve. While having any sympathy for Arnold is clearly not popular, I have no doubt that he was torn in many ways with the consequences of his actions.  Torn of course, unless he is a narcissist or sociopath, in which case the pain caused by his actions will have no real effect on him.

I wonder if his decision to conceal the truth about his son would have been different if he was not going to risk his career as well as his family. This trend of relentless judgement causes chaos in lives and perhaps is some of the root cause of other issues that America is having in the world and at home. How about the more spiritual approach of empathy and support without so much personal judgement?   Just saying….

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