Is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce a surprise?

Is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce a surprise?

Spousal Support: ‘Till Death Do us Part?

The issue of spousal support – and whether it should be permanent, linked to the length of a marriage, or linked to the financial capacity of the paying spouse – was recently raised by the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled that settlements should typically remain settled (i.e. unchanging) unless a spouse can prove a […]

Divorce Lawyers’ Occupational Hazard — Arizona Killing Spree Fuelled by Bitter Divorce

As the month of June comes to a close, I can’t help but think of the horrifying shooting spree of June 2 in Yuma, Arizona that saw six people murdered by a 73-year old gunman, Dyess, who later took his own life. Apparently, the shooting spree was fuelled by a “divorce gone bad.” According to Yuma Police Chief the killing […]

When lovers turn into schemers – the worst facebook divorce story yet

I read in the news today (The Globe & Mail) about this divorcing couple using facebook to oneup each other and ended up in court. The wife faked a facebook name (Jessica) to befriend the husband, the  ex-to-be. The husband revealed his plan to kill the wife to Jessica. She went to the police.  In the end, he was […]

CBC to Air “Thoroughly Modern Marriage” Documentary

Does Marriage Still Matter? On Thursday January 20 at 9PM in Canada (9:30PM in NFLD), the CBC is airing the documentary Thoroughly Modern Marriage. Through interviews and discussions with couples, neurologists, sociologists and historians from across Canada, the documentary asks the fundamental questions: does marriage still matter? Is it “broken”? And if so, can and […]

A bad week for celebrity divorces

I have been very busy with putting together the next issue of Divorce Magazine. Still, I can’t help but notice how many celebrity couples split up in the last week because we write about them on Among them are Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, “Nip & Tuck“ star Dylan Walsh and Joanna Going, Vanessa Hudgens and […]