Is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce a surprise?

By now, a lot of us have heard of the fact tht Katie Homes filed for a divorce from Tom Cruise. Practically every paper and news / celebrity website is reporting this story. Supposedly the divorce comes as a surprise to Tom Crusie.

Seems like a lot of people are surprised when their spouses file for divorce. It is a tough place to be whether you are truly surprised or have to act surprised. If you have to act surprised eventhough you were not truly surprised, then you are keeping up a front. Friends and families may comment on that.  If you are truly surprised, your spouse may say: “I’ve been telling you a long time that things are not working out”, or your friends and families may say they saw it coming; or it should have happened a long time ago. Do they really know?

These comments seem much more free flowing when we are talking about celebrities who are divorcing each other. Do we really know how their relationship has been? I would say no. But generally speaking, there is a common thought that it is not a surprise that celebrities get divorced. I supposed they get divorced at a higher rate than an average couple, but I do think they should get similar treatment as the average divorcing couple – get their privacy, get the support and help they need to make sure all concerned (including the children) are taken care of in a compassionate way. It’s too easy to put them in the spot light, but it is no fun to be under the microscope when the going gets tough.

For me, eventhough divorce is a household word in my household (because my husband and I own Divorce Magazine), it still is a surprise to me when I hear friends and families getting a divorce. It is likely because I know they have a long road ahead of them.

I wish Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes a good divorce.

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    Poor Suri, she is the one that will truly suffer.