Some time ago, I did a video blog on how to keep from forgetting something important.  The tip was to always put your keys with something you don’t want to forget–like your hat–so you would have to remember the item before you could leave.  I recently heard the same tip in regard to protecting yourself from forgetting your pet or child in an enclosed car in the heat.


It is proven fact that a child or pet can die within minutes if left in an enclosed car.  One shouldn’t even leave them in the car briefly to run back into the house or step into a store.  This past week, there was news of a father who forgot his young child in the car, and instead of dropping him at day care, locked him in the car at work until someone spotted him two hours later.  The child was not dead when found, but could have been.


The tip: if you are ever transporting your child or pet somewhere in the car, put something with them that you will not be able to leave them in the car without getting.  You’ll have to decide what that is.  Maybe it’s a purse.  Maybe it’s a key to the office.  Maybe its your cell phone.  You just can’t take a chance on something like this.  It happens, and it happens to the best of intentioned people.  Maybe another tip would be to lower all your windows two inches when driving with a child or pet in the car. When you stop, and realize you need to close your windows, maybe that will remind you to get your pet or child.  If you don’t remember, and commit a tragic mistake, maybe the open windows will create a safety buffer of a few minutes, if not more.

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